StarFm Apologises For Expletive Riddled Conversation

It has been brought to the attention of the Management of Star Radio that an expletive riddled in – studio conversation was inadvertently broadcast over live streaming on the internet.

On the afternoon when this occurred, an external company which maintains the station was in studio carrying out an upgrade of our broadcasting equipment. The station was taken off – air, but while the men were working there was a conversation among them regarding the Yuggie Farrell matter.

They had however omitted to turn off that part of the equipment that allows our broadcast over the internet and segments of their conversation were heard by persons listening by way of the internet.

This was a grave error on the part of the external maintenance company and lacked professionalism. Listeners however, who were using the on-air frequencies locally, would not have heard the conversation.

The conversation, in its content and actual words, does not meet the high standards set by Star Radio. Accordingly, the Management of Star Radio considers the broadcast conversation to be wrong and unacceptable.

 It is not sufficient simply to dismiss it as loose talk by unsuspecting persons.

We do not condone it and hereby offer our sincerest apologies to our listeners who were thereby affected.

We will continue to maintain our high standards and trust that the offending persons have learnt from their mistakes.



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