PM Press Secretary Says NDP Needs To Purge Itself Of Kay Bacchus

The Prime Ministers Press Secretary Hans King has called on the Opposition New Democratic to look within and act soon.

In a Facebook posting on Saturday King is quoted as saying:

“ I am truly sick to my stomach this morning(Saturday 27th)  with the actions of Kay Bacchus, if the New Democratic Party was not at a low already she certainly has brought them to the pits with her latest stunt”.

Many persons on radio talk shows and social media have been questioning the lawyer’s involvement in the latest saga with yugge Farrell and asking what is her interest in the matter.

Currently, legal counsel for Farrell is Lawyer Grant Connell.

They are truly the Nasty Despicable Party says King in his Facebook post.

“  If the latest action by her becomes public and is not condemned by right thinking NDP supporters then that would be the end of any kind of decency in our politics and we would surely be in the gutters”

King did not detail what the latest action by Bacchus-Baptiste was.

King said, Kay Bacchus is truly an evil human being and the NDP should purge itself of her before it is too late.

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