Time For Maduro To Go

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Venezuela’s minimum wage is roughly US$10 a month or EC$6.73 a week. Not enough to live on when you consider 12 eggs cost US$10.

Food for a family of 3 is US$45 a month, so people are starving, some grow rabbits, chickens and ground provision, others eat dogs, cats and rats. Even the zoo animals have been stolen and eaten. And if the truth be known, somewhere there will be people who are eating each other to stay alive. You have all heard the saying “Dog eat Dog”, well for dogs to stay alive that is also happening.

Under Maduro they have printed so much money that they could no longer afford to pay for the money to be printed. And the printeries [which are overseas] will only accept US cash payment.

Many Venezuelan women have turned to the sex trade in neighbouring Colombia, Trinidad and other Caribbean and Latin countries where they can earn US$25 an hour. Some of them are teachers, some doctors, and many are professional women. Their degrees are useless in their new occupations that they must adopt to keep their families fed.

All this is supported by those ALBA countries that support Maduro and his failed state of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Island leaders which I will also label dirty because they take money from petrocaribe and cooking gas, whilst people, children and the old starve and have no cooking gas in Venezuela.

The leading military officers are the only well paid group in the country because without their support the Maduro regime would have fallen months ago. So those dirty colonels and generals are living the life of billionaires whilst babies die in the hospitals, no drugs and all the life-saving machinery broken down.

Among those disgusting international supporters of the Maduro regime are old time leaders with old time Marxist values, home-grown and Cuban-influenced in the Caribbean islands. The ‘Despot’ types of prime ministers who yearn for their glory to be emblazoned in the history books as revolutionaries but will be branded by history as failures.

It really is time for the removal of the Venezuelan regime in any way possible.

But wait, they have just announced presidential elections will take place sometime before April 2018. Does that mean a regime change? Unfortunately perhaps not! Why? Because the regime has arranged for all the opposition leaders to be on trumped up charges so that  they are excluded and not allowed to take part in elections, or quite simply arrested, locked away and beaten frequently.

The lucky ones are under house arrest. So don’t hold your breath because there will be no opposition leaders to stand in those elections. Then the same rigged electronic voting system will be used which if programmed to do so can change ‘no votes’ to ‘yes votes’ and/or simply repeat the same yes vote more than once. So unlike the islands where they simply add a few extra paper ballets to the boxes during transit or overnight. The Venezuelans have the advantage of computerization to do it for them.

Smartmatic, which has provided voting machines to Venezuela for the past decade, said: “Based on the robustness of our system, we know, without any doubt, that the turnout of the recent election for a National Constituent Assembly was manipulated.”


Jolly Green

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