Body Of Slovakian National Found At Peruvian Vale Beach

While police here have not released any further information regarding a body that was discovered on the beach at  Peruvian Vale on Monday 8th January 2018, News784 was reliably informed that the man was a national of Slovakia.

According to information obtained, he was identified as Adam Malata, 26 years old at the time of his death.

While the body of Malata has already been flown back to his home country, information is that the findings of an autopsy performed on the body are still under review.

News784 also understands that Malata was on vacation in St Vincent, and living in Green Hill up to the time of his death.

According to Ondrej Malata his brother,  Adam was an adventurer who wanted to travel the world, unfortunately, he won’t be able to accomplish his plans.

Malata would have celebrated his 27th Birthday on Friday 26th January if not for the unfortunate circumstances.

His brother said that a  funeral for close family members took place in Slovakia on 28th January 2018.

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