BREAKING: Body Found At Sion Hill Beach

The body of a man was found this morning at Sion Hill beach. Police confirmed to News784 that the body had indeed been found, but could not release any further details.

Our sources indicated that the body had marks of violence, including chop wounds to various parts including the head.

There was also according to the information relayed to News784, an apparent attempt to burn the body.

The discovery was made at about 5.30 am Saturday 27th, January 2018.  The age and name of the deceased man are not available at the time of publication. We will update in a future post.

On 8th January the body of a Caucasian male with no form of decomposition washed ashore in Peruvian Vale, located on the SouthEastern coast of the island.

It was later discovered that the individual was a national of the South Pacific Island of Samoa, the autopsy revealed he died from drowning.

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