No Opposition On Medicinal Cannabis Industry Says Minister

The recent push by Government to bring about a Medicinal Cannabis Industry here in St Vincent has not been met by any opposition so far.

This was disclosed by Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar while speaking on Boom Fm.

Caesar said by early March the technicians working on the draft legislation will be able to hold general public discussions through town hall meetings or via radio interactions with citizens

He said this interaction with the public will give a general time frame, but they are working on a roadmap and everything should be wrapped up by the end of March.

Caesar said there are different ways of collecting revenues from such venture, including an export tax, Farmers holding licenses and a number of ancillary matters that will come about.

“ For instance, more vehicles will have to be imported for use, staff will have to be brought in initially for the training of locals”.

Caesar said there would also be ancillary industries that will evolve. VHe said that one investor came to invest SVG with the idea for the production of hemp.

So already Caesar said it is churning out ancillary industries which will co-exist side by side with the Medicinal Marijuana Industry.

He said the investor wants to use the hemp for the production of fibre, and also some parts of the plant that is edible for food.

Caesar says this is not only the time to be looking inwards to the land and human resource capacity, but searching globally for investors and experiences, and for persons in St Vincent to look at joint ventures.

The minister noted that the discussions would be very deep and wide.

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