NLA Records $51 Million In Sales For 2017

(By Ernesto Cooke) – General Manager of the National Lotteries Authority Mc Gregor Sealey says 2017 was a good year for the organization.

Sealey on Tuesday said the financial year for 2017 showed sales of 51 million that number up by 5 million from 2016.

He says at a board meeting in October 2017, it was revealed the NLA was already 1.5 million ahead of the previous year, and if that trend continues the NLA is set for another milestone come the end of the financial year which is June/July 2018.

Sealey says the number one revenue earner for the lottery is the 3D game which accounts for about nearly 90 percent of sales.

He said the Play4 draw is gaining momentum with the added midday draw.

The General manager further noted that it is not the first time the lottery has attain the 50 Million mark, some years ago he said earnings climbed to 54 Million.

He said with the introduction of the tax on winnings, sales fell to about 43 Million, However, with the removal, they are gradually getting back to that 50 Million Mark.

Sealy said if there are no major disasters here, and if the current trend continues, they should earn around 57- 60 Million dollars this financial year.

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