Actorz Theatre Production presents the staging of “Every Joke begins with “J” – NEIGHBORS – A Comedy Show. Producer, Playwright and award-winning actor Jasper Alexander has scripted 20 skits and brings to the stage an episodic theatrical structure, that will leave you speechless.

Jasper is a natural, from the first time I saw him on stage at age thirteen I knew he was destined for greatness. There is a great hope for the future with passionate young artists like himself.

  • Nisha Hope

The doors of Peace Memorial Hall will open on Friday, March 2nd, 2018, to accommodate patrons for this highly anticipated theatrical production. It is an amalgam of youth and experience in the performing arts arena like never seen before.

The skits are set in a rural neighbourhood and feature a group of boys known as the “who-lee-gang” that wreak havoc on their community.

Topical issues like gambling, theft and justice will be addressed and displayed with candour and wit. It’s a show for the entire family.

You’re it!

  • David “Darkie” Williams

Actorz Theatre Production is the brainchild of eighteen-year-old Jasper Alexander. A talented young man of Sion Hill and psychology student of the SVGCC .

 He is following his passion and uses his skills for wealth creation. His relationship with dramatists of his age as well as heeding the advice of colleagues and theatre practitioners is what gives him the edge.

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