I did not promise yugge any scholarship

As the saga continues surrounding former model Yugge Farrell, Prime Minister Dr Gonsalves has come to his own defence on a statement which he made and which appears to have been misinterpreted by others with their own agenda.

“ On one occasion I had said, that I am hoping this young lady gets treatment and comes back to health, and she is clearly an intelligent young  lady who went to the community college, and that she could go on to university, that has now been transformed that I offered her a scholarship to go to university”.

Gonsalves said persons on their radio programs are now saying if she is crazy why should I be offering her a scholarship.

“ First of all I never said she is crazy, I said she has a mental problem, I don’t if other persons said so, I don’t know what crazy means in psychiatric terms”.

Gonsalves said he reads like everybody else in this particular area, generally, and I know about psychosis, bipolar, schizophrenia, I don’t know what this young lady is suffering from, he stated.

“But it is evident from the way she has been writing and posting things and so forth,  that she has a mental issue”.

“ Would anybody who is an employer, employ someone who has a mental condition as displayed by this young lady, would you in a court of law put her on a jury to decide your fate”.

“ I ask these questions, these are serious questions, mature questions, not foolish political grandstanding”.

On Wednesday legal counsel for Yugge Farrell lawyer Grant Connell said that we are living in vicious society, and hopes for a quick end to the trauma being faced by Farrell.

Grant said he is not gonna allow this matter to be turned into a political football or circus. He said he is hopeful everybody would support that approach.

“ She is not the first, she won’t be the last, I have seen people with conditions far worst, that have come back to make a contribution to society”.

“ We live in a sort of vicious society, when you drop off your pedestal according to where you fall, they are like hyenas, they will strip you to the bone, and then walk away”.

Grant said to this end, we have to try and come together as a people look at the positive, and we could all learn from this.

He further stated that he would call on the office of the DPP on Monday 29th January 2018, to Nolle Prosequi the case.

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