Leader of the Opposition, and President of the New Democratic Party, Dr. the Hon. Godwin Friday, will meet with residents of North Leeward on Thursday, January 25th, to hear their concerns, and ideas for development. He is hosting a consultation from that constituency from 7:00pm at the Fitz Hughes Government School.

Also in attendance will be Parliamentary Representative for the constituency, Hon. Roland ‘Patel’ Matthews, and Senator Kay Bacchus-Baptiste.

Dr. Friday had made a commitment to listen to Vincentians, discuss their concerns and garner their views on how to make SVG work for all. Working on the premise that “who feels it knows it”.  He has been engaged in various initiatives to meet and interact with Vincentian citizens across the country and the diaspora.

This saw the start of a series of community visits in 2017. According to Dr. Friday, “Politicians do not hold all the answers, and the evidence of that is brought out in the IMF report where it stated that SVG is worst off today than it was in 2001”.  “People,” he insisted, “must have a say in the decisions that directly affects their lives, they cannot just be spectators on an out of control train”.

This North Leeward consultation follows on other activities such as a Youth Forum in Kingstown, a Farmers Consultation in South Central Windward, and a consultation with Vincentian students at the UWI Mona Campus, Jamaica. In addition, Dr. Friday has been visiting communities around St. Vincent and the Grenadines and speaking with Vincentians of all persuasions in his weekly ‘walkabouts’. He has also met with Vincentians in the diaspora, including Canada and New York.

An invitation is extended to all members of the Media to participate in this consultation on 25 January at the Fitz-Hughes Government School.


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