Sweet – I Thanks World Pediatric Project

Sweet-I was excited about her new wheelchair that would help her regain some of her freedom. But she quickly faced how difficult it was getting around the countryside of St.Vincent.

“The road was a horror story of its own but the wheels on the chair made the journey bearable” Sweet-I described the dirt road from her home as an everyday challenge whenever she wanted to go anywhere.

One day she managed to get to the beach for the first time “It was a struggle, because I could not sit up properly and I kept fainting”.

Eventually, after repeatedly facing the rough terrain, they decided to stop taking the chair out of the house to save it from becoming beyond repair. At the very least Sweet-I was still able to move around the house with some sense of freedom.

Today Sweet-I has a better chair and a paved road allowing her to get around easier at the start of each journey.

“For physically disabled people in the Caribbean receiving a wheelchair is like finding treasure because it helps with being more independent, confident and comfortable,” Sweet-I said.

This chair remains in her new home holding fond memories for Sweet-I, still using it today as a bath chair “This wheelchair indeed has a personality of its own because it has been through a lot with me. To me this wheelchair symbolises freedom. It may not look like much, but it’s a unique treasure.”


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