Should others accused by Yugge speak out too

What did Camilo and his Wife do wrong? That was the question asked by radio host Dwight Bing Joesph of Opposition members Hon Daniel Cummings and Kay Bacchus – Baptiste.

In their answer, they said what is wrong is that Camilo has not spoken out.

Prime Minister Gonsalves commenting on the matter said, “someone who is not all well mentally makes a set of allegations, does the person have an obligation to speak out”.

“ But what they want is a drama of comess,  to satisfy all kinds of wired appetite that they have for salacious gossip”.

“ Should all the other persons who been accused by this young lady, should they talk out too, many of them in public life”.

Gonsalves said he does not understand that sort of reasoning.

“ Because if somebody who is accused of something by this lady( Yugge) speaks out, the first thing is,  why are you getting into an argument with someone who has a mental problem”.

Gonsalves said he is looking at this whole issue in a sensible and practical manner.

He said,  he has spoken on the law already,  and he could debate with Kay Bacchus all the time about the law, however, she is not speaking a lot of things about the law as a professional, but from a narrow partisan standpoint.

Yugge Farrell has accused Camilo Gonsalves Minister of Finance of having an affair with her and hurting her emotionally in videos posted on Instagram, this along with a set of emails which surfaced in which Farrell accused Radio personalities, lawyers, and public officers among them of hurting her or engaging in sexual escapades.

She was brought before the courts on January 5th and charged that on Thursday, January 4 at Granby Street, Kingstown, she did cause a breach of the peace by using abusive language to Karen Duncan- Gonsalves of Prospect, which was “You dirty b**ch.”

Duncan-Gonsalves, a lawyer attached to the Attorney General’s chambers, is the wife of Minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves.

She was sent to the mental health centre for two weeks observation, returned to the court of the 22nd January, sent back for a further one-week observation as the new magistrate handling the case makes a determination on a psychiatric report to see if Farrell is fit to stand trial.

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