Kay And Daniel Needs To Look In The Mirror

What are the facts surrounding Yugge Farrell?

According to Prime Minister Gonsalves, the young lady had a mental condition before and it has come out in the public domain that she was treated as an inpatient for a psychiatric problem ( a mental health problem) in February 2017 at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

Gonsalves said Yugge Farrell is not unknown to the health services.

“ There is now a situation where there is a mental health issue that’s has arisen again, the magistrate in the first instance places her there for observation, she goes inside for observation and also health care, and they have provided health care, they are under obligation to do so, now that is seen as a crime”.

“ Farrell turned up by Camilo’s wife office, and the charge is that she verbally abused Camilo’s wife, a breach of the peace, the Attorney General directed Camilo’s wife to make a report to the police, and he directed the police to hold miss Farrell until they took her to the Central Police Station”.

Gonsalves said they made one charge, however, that does not mean there are no other charges that could be laid.

“ They made one charge and that is not unusual especially in the circumstances where the lady might have a mental issue, they took her to the court and the court acted”.

“So what wrong has he done, speaking of Camilo Gonsalves, what has he done, he has kept a dignified silence, do you have to speak out every time somebody says something”.

Gonsalves said the number of instances people say things about politicians in this day and age all you do is fuel a lot of things on social media and comess that’s all.

“ I think all of them should really look at themselves properly in the mirror, am talking about people like Kay Baptiste and Daniel Cummings, and say look we are seeking a political advantage on the back of this girl, and we should stop it, its not dignified, its not proper, it is wrong”.

Gonsalves said the NDP does not understand this, they have gone this road before.

“ Repeatedly they twist things, tell a lot of lies, you may seek to run a campaign on comess and innuendo, but at the end of the day people are judging you as to if you can run a government, you cant run it on comess, it has to be on policies and programs”.

Gonsalves said it is sad that the leadership of the NDP has nothing to say except to rely on the word of a young lady, whom even her family knows has a mental health problem.

“ That is where the opposition has reached”, Gonsalves asked.

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