Connell To Call On DPP To Nolle Prosequi Farrell's Case +Video

By Ernesto Cooke – Lawyer Grant Connell who is currently representing embattled former model Yugge Farrel says at this juncture his only loyalty is to miss Farrell and her well being.

Connell who is offering his service pro bono, told News784, who caught up with him in Kingstown on Wednesday morning that he would ask the court to extend certain courtesies in the interest and protection of miss Farrell, and hopefully, the matter would be heard in camera.

He also told News784 that she may not be in court on Monday 29th when she is scheduled to return, this is a matter which I will not allow to be turned into a circus, he said.

Connell further told News784 that he would call on the office of the DPP on Monday to Nolle Prosequi the case.


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