Day of Fasting and Prayer for the Men of the Nation

ProjectMEN2020 will on Saturday 27th January, host a “Day of Fasting and Prayer for the Men of the Nation”.

It will take place at the SVG Football Federation Conference Room, at the Federation’s Building, opposite the St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Kingstown.

The day of cooperate fasting and prayer, begins at 6am until 6pm.

The organization’s theme for this year is “Improving Men’s Health 2018” and is built on 5 pillars:

  1. Spiritual Health
  1. Physical Health
  1. Emotional Health
  1. Mental Health
  1. Financial Health

There will be different activities under the different pillars during the year.

ProjectMEN2020 invites the men of the nation to this one day cooperate time of fasting and prayer.

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