Gunman opens fire on cops patrolling roof in Brooklyn

(NY DAILY NEWS) – A mystery shooter opened fire on two NYPD officers as they patrolled the roof of a Brooklyn housing development, blasting a bullet into a door just moments after the cops emerged from it, police said.

The cops were doing a floor-by-floor “vertical” patrol of the Stuyvesant Garden Houses on Gates Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant at about 10:30 p.m. when they heard the crack of gunfire from across the way, according to cops.

Police believe the shooter was firing from another rooftop.

Cops recovered ballistic evidence from the scene, and searched the area immediately after the shots rang out, but they couldn’t find the culprit, officials said.

The officers were patrolling the same complex where Chynna Battle, 21, and Shaqwanda Staley, 29, were shot to death on July 12.

Both were bystanders, shot by two men trying to kill a rival gang member, authorities said. Cops caught up with the alleged shooters in South Carolina in November.

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