Democrats, Republicans blame Trump administration for shutdown

(NY DAILY NEWS) -Democrats and Republicans reached one agreement over the paralyzing budget impasse — they both blamed the White House.

As the federal government endured Day Two of an avoidable shutdown, senators from both sides of the aisle pointed fingers at the Trump administration, saying its stubborn immigration demands threw the country into unnecessary chaos.

Trump himself, who ran for President as a savvy dealmaker who could fix broken government, took no action on the crisis Sunday other than tweeting that the Senate should change its filibuster rules to let spending bills pass by a simple majority.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) criticized President Trump’s top aides, saying they undercut his ability to cut a decent deal.

Graham singled out White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, a hard-line conservative who has advocated a restrictive immigration policy.

“As long as Stephen Miller is in charge of negotiating immigration, we are going nowhere,” Graham told reporters. “He’s been an outlier for years.”

Graham said pols could have reached an agreement if Trump could get the naysayers out of his ear.

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