US moves to bar Haitians from seasonal work visas

(Washington Examiner)– The Trump administration is planning to bar those from Haiti from applying for visas designated for seasonal and farm workers.

The Department of Homeland Security has submitted a notice that it plans to restrict those from Haiti, Belize, and Samoa from applying for certain temporary visas, according to NBC News.

The H-2A and H-2B visas permit agriculture and seasonal work and permit businesses to bring in workers from abroad.

DHS claimed that the Haitians seeking the temporary visas “present extremely high rates of refusal” and Haitians that have been granted those temporary visas “have demonstrated high levels of fraud and abuse and a high rate of overstaying the terms of their H-2 admission.”

The move comes after reports emerged last week that said Trump asked why the U.S. is “having all these people from shithole countries come here” as the lawmakers in attendance discussed immigration from African nations. He also was said to have made some disparaging remarks about Haiti.

Trump defended himself Friday by tweeting he “never said anything derogatory” and claimed he never said anything disrespectful specifically about Haiti. Some lawmakers who were present at the meeting confirmed Trump’s “shithole” comment, while others have said they do not recall it.

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