Interesting Times In St Vincent’s Development Says, Minister

As St Vincent and the Grenadines joins the emerging global market of medical cannabis and following through with plans to amend legislation to allow for the export of the drug, Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar said it is going to be a very interserting period in the development of the nation.

Caesar speaking on Boom Fm said the policy of the government is to pursue the establishment of a Medical Marijuana Industry, he said this will take place after a series of broad-based consultations.

The Minister said these consultations will be used to bring a homegrown character in the legislation which will evolve, noting that he is aware of the different views of the general public.

Minister Caesar told radio host Dwight “Bing” Joesph that meetings have been held with the Christain Council, and there would be follow up meetings.

“ We are going to get some persons with the scientific expertise to be a part of the board based consultations”.

Caesar said so far they have established a National Marijuana Industry Committee, which is going to lead on the consultations.

He said that a call to action would take place for potential local entrepreneurs, persons in St Vincent or those in the diaspora who would be willing to participate as an investor.

The Minister further stated that the committee is looking at models from around the world, and the lessons to be learnt from all there experiences.

 He said this is being done so at the end of the day when the legislation is passed in the parliament of St Vincent, it can be to proclaim an indigenous piece of legislation, borrowing from experience and opportunities which would have arisen for other persons and making sure similar mistakes don’t take place.

Caesar also told Joesph during the discussion that the Opposition would be consulted on the way forward.

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