Government To Meet With Various Rastafarian Groups

Government is expected to meet with various Rastafarian groups throughout the country as plans progress on the Medicinal Cannabis Industry.

Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar says they have already met with at least one group so far, Caesar was at the time speaking on Boom FM.

He said the meetings with other various groupings of Rastafarians will take place over the next three weeks.

 “ What we did not want is to place anyone on the national committee, who may have a subjective perspective”.

Caesar said at this point he is the only politician at the meetings since the intention right now is to allow the technicians to do their work.

The Global Medical Cannabis Market is expected to reach a value of 55.8 billion US by 2025, and the Cannabis Industry as a whole is expected to outpace jobs in manufacturing by 2020.

Europe is set to become the largest cannabis market in the World within the next five years with a market of over 739 million people, and a healthcare spending of € 1.49 trillion.

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