Unemployment rate stands at 46 percent among youth

According to the latest IMF report, the overall unemployment rate was 25 percent and reached around 46 percent among the youth (15-24 years of age). Unemployment was 20.9 and 21.5 percent in 2001 and 2012, respectively.

The report further stated that Unemployment was highest among graduates of secondary schools, while most
university graduates were employed reflecting more international labour mobility and professional opportunities.

55 percent of university graduates work either in the public sector, education or health services.

The reported that high and persistent overall unemployment rate coincides with the increase of
females’ labour market participation rate.

Labor market participation of women significantly increased from 45 to 62 percent between 2001 and 2015, while males’ participation remains stable.

Meanwhile, female unemployment rose from 18 to 30 percent.

Agriculture, and wholesale and retail absorb more workers (each around 13 percent of total workers).

Agriculture employs mostly low-skilled workers (Primary or less educational level), while wholesale and retail workers are equally distributed among most educational levels except a university degree.

The report further stated that around 24.3 percent of the population is inactive. Nearly one-half of inactive are retired or in school.

Health conditions, labour market restrictions and household obligations are other factors preventing people from seeking employment.

Inactive people relied on diverse sources of main financial support, including from remittances, pensions and
social security transfers.

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