Should cell phones be allowed during mental assessment?

Should persons who go to the Mental Health Centre for treatment be allowed to have their communications devices with them.

Questions and more questions from the media at Monday’s press conference as the saga surrounding former model Yugge Farrell continues.

Farrell was admitted to the Mental Health Centre for evaluation following an outburst or breach of the peace at the Attorney’s general chambers recently.

Following admittance, she made some 20 videos on Instagram alledging everything from relationships with the current Finance Minister to being a member of the Illuminati.

Prime Minister Gonsalves at his press conference on Monday said that he can’t speak authoritatively on the right of the Medical facility to take away such devices, however, he can give his opinion.

He said if you go there for evaluation and the authorities feel that in the circumstances, your circumstances, you the patient, that it is preferably in the treatment and observation for you not to have access to a cell phone, it is their judgement.

“ It is not mine, nor members of the media with all due respect”.

Gonsalves said persons can question it, but question it from the standpoint of what is good for the health of this person, not question it from extraneous standpoints.

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