My Middle Finger Saved Him From The 38 special

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves in addressing a question from a journalist at Monday’s press conference concerning President Trump remarks about Haiti and his comments some years ago to a known NDP supporter, says things like these are petty village politics compared to real national issues.

Gonsalves at the time had shown the NDP supporter his middle finger and said to him “ it’s a perfect middle finger”.

On Monday the Prime Minister said he has explained this more than once and also in the parliament, however, he will do so again.

Gonsalves said he was walking to the House of Assembly, and a well known NDP activist who has a history of violence before broke through the cordoned off area and was coming to him.

” My security detail at the time said to me PM, its okay I have my 38 special”.

Gonsalves said he saved the man, by giving him the middle finger, hence the reason he made the comment.

“ But the point I want to make is that anyone who wants to elevate that at the same level of Trump calling Haiti a sh..thole, well I just say sorry for their sense of a lack of proportion”.

“ They want to trivialize such an important world issue at this time”.

Gonsalves told the media to be mindful of where they take their cue from.

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