Media should not take their cue from Facebook

Media houses must be mindful that they don’t allow themselves to take their cue when seeking information from every odd or peculiar person who writes foolishness on Facebook.

 What is Facebook?,  PM Gonsalves asked members of the press present at his second press conference for the year.

“ What is it,  more than a set of men gossiping down by the roadside ”.

There are persons who use it for good sense, and others who use it for provocative, irresponsible gossip and comess, Gonsalves said.

The Prime Minister further told journalist present such is the issue that they will have to sift.

As for me, Gonsalves said he is not telling people not to use such medium, but for him, he only interacts with people on Facebook at election time.

“ I say,  well, let me put aside an hour so that persons can ask me questions, and I try my best to answer them, genuine questions that is, if you ask me some foolish question and I don’t feel to answer, I say am not answering you man”.

It is a simple and straightforward thing Gonsalves stated.

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