Man Dies After Wall Collapses On Him In Evesham

UPDATED @12.56 pm to reflect (Name and  correct Time)
Offical sources have disclosed to News784 that the collapsing of a wall which took place in the Evesham community occurred at 10.40 am on Tuesday 16th January 2018.
It is reported that Alvin John was constructing a  wall with Kelvin Richards next to the Evesham Health Centre when a sudden collapse of the wall took place killing Kelvin instantly.

Orginal story posted at 12:41 pm

News784 have received reports that a wall has fallen in the community of Evesham, the information also suggest that the wall during the time of collapse fell on an adult male who died on the spot.

The wall fell sometime around 10.55 am this morning according to the report received. We have not been able to ascertain a name or the age of the individual at this time.

This is breaking news we will update in a later post.

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