GUYANA: Mentally ill escaped prisoner shot dead

(Kaieteur News) – Just a day after he was taken into custody, mentally ill Tiger Bay resident Marlon Fredericks was shot dead in front of his mother and several bystanders, after he ran out of the Bourda City Constabulary Outpost, where he was being detained.

Fredericks, 34, died at around 1 p.m. yesterday, after he was shot in the back, allegedly by a lance corporal from the City Hall Constabulary.

The lance corporal and a City Hall constable have been detained.

Fredericks had been in custody since Saturday in connection with several assault and simple larceny charges, and for assaulting a peace officer.

It is alleged that Fredericks and two others were in custody at City Constabulary Outpost at Regent Street and Bourda, Georgetown, when he forced his way out of the lockup when ranks opened a door to allow another prisoner to use the toilet.

A rank at the city constabulary office tried to restrain Fredericks, who wrestled free from the rank and others.

The lance corporal then shot Fredericks in his lower back with a service pistol.

The matter has been turned over to the Guyana Police Force for investigation and the rank is in custody assisting with investigations.

However, statements were taken from the other prisoners and ranks on the scene at the time of the incident.

The dead man’s mother, Claudette Fredericks told Kaieteur News that she was on her way to see her son at the Constabulary Outpost since she received a called from the lance corporal, who said her son requested to speak with her.

Fredericks confirmed that her son had suffered from mental illness for over ten years. She revealed that he was also a frequent cocaine user.

“When I near reach at the outpost, I saw my son running coming towards me, he was eight to ten feet away from me. I shouted and told him stop because the constable was behind him. The next thing I heard was a loud noise and my son dropped to the ground.”

The woman said that after she saw her son on the ground she started to scream and asked for assistance to take her son to the hospital, but she was told that ranks had to wait until police arrived.

The ambulance arrived one hour later.

Another eyewitness who saw the entire ordeal stated that Fredericks, whose head was wrapped in a bandage, saw his mother approaching and ran outside to meet her.

The man added that after Fredericks’ mother saw him running towards her she shouted and told him to stop after she realized that a city constable was chasing him.

The man added that he saw Fredericks stretch out his hands to hug his mother but before the prisoner could make physical contact with her the city constable discharged a round in the running man’s direction.

A market vendor who was also nearby when the incident occurred stated that it took over an hour for the dead man’s body to be removed from where he was shot.

He added that he is of the opinion that the now dead man should not have been shot since he was unarmed and in a lot of pain from the injuries he received the previous day.

The weapon along with eight live rounds and a spent shell have been lodged as investigation continues.

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