Government seeking for a psychiatrist

Following the current saga surrounding Former model Yugge Farrell, the question of a resident psychiatrist is weighing heavy on citizens mind.

Prime Minister Gonsalves said on Monday 15th January that they are seeking to recruit one, however, attempts so far have not been successful.

He said the post exists so the government is currently paying a professional to come in on a consultancy basis.

Gonsalves said he did not have the information on hand as to how many days or weeks per month the individual performs their duty.

“ It is important for us to have a resident psychiatrist, and we have been trying to get one, he reiterated ”.

“ We have persons who have gone to train in the field, there are doctors who have done electives in psychiatry and some have done additional work in the field, and who are interested in the subject, but they have not obtained a full postgraduate medical qualification in psychiatry”.

Gonsalves said that is the requirement that the government have stipulated for the post.

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