GUYANA: Cart vendor gets 10 years for murdering friend

(INEWSGUYANA) – Twenty-nine-year-old, Quincy Messiah, who in November of 2014 murdered his friend following an argument, was today (Wednesday) sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for the crime by Justice Navindra Singh at the High Court.

After considering the facts of the case presented to him by State Prosecutors, Justice Singh told the accused, a former music cart vendor, that no excuse can justify his actions on the fateful day of November 28 2014, when he murdered Trevor Ragabeer.

On the day of the incident, the men had an argument over a hammock which was being used by both of them, when Ragabeer reportedly made a comment about Messiah’s mother. 

Messiah’s mother was killed in front of him at the age of 7, this reportedly angered him (Messiah) and as such, he took up a knife and dealt Ragabeer several stabs about his body, killing him.

Attorney for the accused, George Thomas told the Court that because of the trauma faced by his client at a young age, when his mother was murdered in front of him, Messiah was unable to get over his past which resulted in his actions on November 28. He begged for leniency reminding the Court that the accused has accepted ownership of the crime that he committed.

Messiah told Justice Singh that he was sorry for his actions and revealed that he was affected mentally.

He further revealed that since his imprisonment, he has been taking anger management classes.

Prosecutor Gibbs however objected to leniency being granted to the accused noting that a lack of education, a troubled past and growing up without a mother cannot be used as justification for taking a life.

Justice Singh recommended that Messiah receive special counselling. He then sentenced him to 10 years imprisonment with time served to be deducted.

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