Guyana: 16yrs for raping, torturing and murdering of taxi driver

(INEWS GUYANA) – Nearly four years after committing the heinous rape and murder of a female taxi driver, Sylvester Bristol also called “Rambo”, was sentenced to serve 16 years in prison following his admission that he killed 31-year-old Savitri Parma between February 15-16, 2014.

Presenting the evidence detailing the death of the 31-year-old mother of two was State Prosecutor, Tiffini Lyken who told the court that Parma was raped, killed and tortured with a piece of bamboo that was discovered inserted in the woman’s vagina. Her uterus was also ruptured as a result of the heinous act.

The court also heard that the murdered Soesdyke taxi driver’s son was only a few feet away in the car. The Prosecutor further highlighted that after Bristol had dragged the woman to the bushes and committed the heinous act, he fled the scene. He was later found with the woman’s gold ring. Additionally, he only had one side of his footwear and subsequently confessed to his crime after he was grilled by Police.

Justice Singh before handing down the 16-year sentence took into consideration that the accused did not waste the court’s time and he accepted what he did was wrong. The judge ordered the prison service to deduct the time that Bristol spent on remand.

Relatives of the deceased were however displeased with the years allotted, to Bristol, as almost four years would be deducted from the court’s sentence. They noted that the woman’s sons, especially the one who was present when the woman was murdered, are still affected by the cruel death of their mother.

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