Students To Support Ailing Vincentian

The Vincentian Student Association; VINSA Cave Hill is dedicated to being true patriots, leaders of the Vincentian community and University advocates of The UWI.

Beginning Monday 8th to Friday 19th January 2018, the members will embark on a series of initiatives to show their solidarity to an ailing Vincentian, promote social awareness within communities, and advocate on the University’s behalf by encouraging students to make Cave Hill their first choice.

VINSA Cave Hill, Mona, and St. Augustine will join forces for a worthy cause. They will be going around the city on a fund-raising drive, to assist Ms Zazi Cupid who suffers from spinal ependymoma, a spinal cord tumour.

To assist in raising the $30,000.00 needed for her surgery, they will embark on a three-day walk-a-thon seeking a minimum $1 donation from persons with the intention that 30,000 persons will help meet the goal.

This practical approach along with the hospitality and generosity of the Vincentian spirit they assure will make the task attainable.

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