"Involuntary Psychiatric Evaluations" allowed under law

As the saga continues surrounding former 22year old model Yugge Farrell who was ordered to the Mental Health Centre for physiatric evaluation, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has spoken to the issue for the first time.

Gonsalves said on Tuesday that when admitting persons to the psychiatric hospital, the law makes a distinction between voluntary patients, medically recommended patients, and an admission to the hospital for a report base on an order made by a court.

Gonsalves who was speaking on the WEFM Shakeup program said, that the spontaneous admittance of an individual to a psychiatric facility for evaluation once there is a reason to deem that the individual has a mental illness is a provision made under the Mental Health Act of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

He said the laws which were applied on December 27, 1989, creates such provision under the Mental Health Act chapter 294.

Social Media and radio shows have been inundated with calls inquiring why the court would just order a person to the Mental Health Centre, for “abusive language”.

Farrell since being ordered by the courts for evaluation has recorded and posted some 20 videos on the social media platform Instagram, in which she has accused Finance Minister Camilo Gonsalves of destroying her emotionally, and stated that she serves both God and Satan.

Farrell was charged last Thursday, January 4, 2018, with using abusive language to Karen Duncan-Gonsalves, the wife of Minister of Finance, Camillo Gonsalves.

Farrell who pleaded not guilty to the charge is expected back in Court on January 22, following her two-week observation at the Mental Health facility.

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