Vincentian National To Appear On Food Network Show

Vincentian national Hazell McKenzie who currently resides in Binghamton, New York State, will appear  WORST COOKS IN AMERICA.

McKenzie would be a contestant on the upcoming series which would be aired on the  Food Network.

According to  (whatsgoinonbinghamton) an online publication, Hazell works quite the balancing act as a mom of two and a grad student, and now she’s looking to learn her way around the kitchen.

Originally from Saint Vincent, the publication said she’s dreamed of the opportunity to be on television, and now it’s for the highest of stakes.

She is a graduate student of Social work at Binghamton University and the author of “Playtime in Overdrive”

The new season premieres on Food Network on Sunday, January 7th, at  9 PM ET/PT

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