GUYANA: Bandit forces mother to perform oral sex

(INEWSGY) -A customer service representative is now in a distraught state after she was forced to perform oral sex when a lone gunman invaded her South Ruimveldt home.

The 22-year-old victim, was attacked around Friday midnight as she was opening her house to let her husband in.

Based on information received, the young mother of one was called by her husband -who, she was unaware, was being held at gunpoint by a gunman- to open her door.

When the woman opened the door, she was also attacked and held at gunpoint. Her husband was placed to lie on the ground where he was reportedly dealt several cuffs and kicks.

He was then picked up and escorted into his bedroom which was ransacked by the bandit who reportedly took a gold ring, gold earrings and two cell phones.

The man was then ordered to go under the bed in the room and the young woman was escorted into the living room where she was reportedly instructed by the bandit to perform oral sex on him or he would shoot her daughter.

This publication was informed that the scared woman complied and was later instructed to unplug her television and to hand it to the bandit.

The bandit then made good his escape through a western door in the house. The matter was reported and the Police are investigating.

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