Bomb cyclone pummels NYC-bound cruise carrying 400 passengers

(NY DAILY NEWS) – If you think a coastal cruise was the place to be when last week’s “bomb cyclone” hit the East Coast, think again.

A Norwegian Cruise Line carrying 400 passengers on their way back to New York from the Bahamas ran smack into the storm at sea, and the experience was anything but a vacation.

“I’m completely traumatized,” passenger Emma Franzese told CBS New York once the ship docked.

“I’ll never go on any type of boat again in my life after this.”

Distressed passengers on the 14-day cruise described 30-foot ocean swells that sent water into rooms and elevators when the storm hit Thursday.

Vacationers filled social media with stories of seasickness and panic.

“There were people crying, everyone was throwing up. It was a nightmare,” Olivia Ross told CBS New York. “It was so tilted I was shaking.”

In a statement, Norwegian apologized to passengers, and said the ship encountered “stronger than forecasted weather conditions.”
The cruise ship, called the Breakaway, was supposed to embark on another cruise from the West Side on Friday, but instead left Saturday.

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