Tardiness Delaying Government Projects

One of the difficulties that the Government Public Sector investment program has been facing over the years is the implementation of projects.

The revelation was made by Prime minister Dr Ralph Gonslaves on Tuesday 2nd January.

Gonsalves said he recently held a meeting with all professionals within the Ministry of Works telling them to  up their game.

He said there is a lot of money that the government has negotiated, sign fianced agreements, but to get some of the technical work coming out from the relevant technical person’s is a difficulty.

He says they are not moving as fast as the public would wan,t or what he would consider a reasonable time.

Gonsalves said there has been more capital spending in 2017 as compared to 2016, however, it is not enough given the amount of finance that is available to be spent.

Grants and soft loans, money from the Worldbank, the Caribbean Development Bank,  the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, the European Union, and OFID among others, all these are available Gonsalves said.

The Prime Minister said he is once again making the plea, to public servants to get things going.

He said it’s like a chain, somebody along the line can hold up matters for a long period of time, which delays an entire project.

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