BROOKLYN: woman says NYPD cop asked her to Show breasts

(NY DAILY NEWS) -An NYPD officer offered to let a Brooklyn woman slide on a pot possession bust if she lifted her shirt and showed him her breasts, according to her lawyer.

Attorney Lawrence LaBrew sent the city a letter Thursday demanding a settlement for Jasmine Campbell, whose car was stopped in East New York in 2014.

Campbell was arrested for possession of marijuana and resisting arrest — but, she alleged in an interview Thursday, not before Officer Javier Munoz mistreated her.

“He said to me, ‘Well, do you want to show me something?’” the Bedford-Stuyvesant woman said of the officer, adding he was staring at her chest. “I then said ‘no’ again. This is three times I said ‘no’ to his questions.”

When she stepped out of the car with her hands up, “they started laughing at me,” Campbell claimed. One of them allegedly said, “What, are you trying to give us a hug?”

Campbell, 25, spent the night in jail before she was released without bail and the ordeal caused her to miss a college midterm in her senior year. She said she was not able to take a makeup exam, and got a lower grade in the class.

Her case was dismissed after a few court appearances, Campbell said, but the experience was humiliating.

“The arrest and prosecution of Ms. Campbell was a sham,” LaBrew said. “She was arrested because she would not show Police Officer Munoz her breasts.”

Campbell, who filed suit in Brooklyn Federal Court in late 2016, said the city offered $2,500 Thursday to settle the case. LaBrew said they would not be considering the offer.

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