Government Wants Medical Marijuana Business For St Vincent

The Government wants Medical Marijuana as a full-fledged business for St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Gonsalves made the statement while alluding to plans that are already in process to have a bill before parliament on the issue of Medical Marijuana.

He said Jamaica has set up for medical marijuana and at the same time decriminalise in respect of two ounces for recreational use.

However, the Prime Minister said he wants to have the  Business of medical marijuana centre and upfront.

“ I want to see foreign and domestic investment in it because you need the marketplace”.

You need markets with entities like the Canadian, British, and the European generally responding to it, Gonsalves said.

He said marijuana as a plant has beneficial uses, but it is a plant that has narcotic benefits and can be misused and abused.

“ That is why the law in the past have been addressing the misuse of marijuana, however, I want to address the benefits of it, not the misuse.

Gonsalves said a regime will have to be put in place for growing it under secure conditions.

He said this particular strain of marijuana for medicinal purposes will need the laboratory to extract the oils for export.

He also stated that there are three investors whom they are speaking with to see if it is possible to do some pharmaceutical production in the state.

Gonsalves said, he does not want local business people to be saying they don’t know, because the Government have been talking about it, but the contacts so far who are interested is not local business people.

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