BROOKLYN: Man dies from fall onto subway tracks after sucker-punch from ranting teen

(NY DAILY NEWS) -A bipolar teen ranting about God, the devil and the constant battle between good and evil sucker-punched an innocent straphanger Wednesday, sending the victim tumbling from a Brooklyn subway platform onto the tracks.

Jacinto Suarez, 65, landed on the R-line tracks at the Jay St./Metro Tech station at 2:35 p.m on Wednesday.

Suarez wasn’t hit by a train. And it wasn’t clear whether Suarez climbed back up on the platform or if onlookers helped him. But the grandfather’s story of survival took a tragic turn as medics performed CPR on him.

He had a massive heart attack on the platform and died at Brooklyn Hospital.

“My dad don’t bother nobody,” the victim’s daughter, Tylenea Gonzalez, 34, told the Daily News. “My dad don’t bother nobody. I don’t know why anybody would do that to him. He went, he came home. I’m not gonna have him here anymore.”

Suarez had 10 children and 13 grandchildren.

Police sources with knowledge of the case said Cortez was rambling about God, heaven and hell and good versus evil when he attacked.

“This wasn’t part of a robbery or anything,” a police source said. “He was talking about God and suddenly he attacked the guy. He just went off and the victim happened to be there.”

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