Revenue And Grants Up By 6.1 Percent Over 2016

The Fiscal return for the Government of SVG as of November 2017 showed total revenue and grants 554.2 Million or 6.1 percent more than last year.

Current revenue 523.4 Million dollars or 4.1 percent above the 2016 figures for the same period.

The total expenditure at the end of November 2017 was 583.3 Million or 9.6 percent above last year, for the same period.

Current expenditure is 522.3 Million or 8.6 percent above the comparable period last year.

Capital expenditure IS 61 Million dollars or 19 above 2017 figures.

The current balance or the current account surplus is just over 1Million compared to 21 Million for the same period last year.

The overall deficit is 29 Million as compared to 10.3 Million last year.

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