Meeting With Unions Recorded Secretly

“I was disappointed that the consultation that the unions had with the Minister of Finance, the Teachers Union was not present am not too sure why, but we cant have an honest open discussion if one side is going tape the conversation, as has happened as we have seen it emerged”.

Gonsalves said if someone records without your knowledge it means they are very guarded in what they say, so it means that the conversation is not honest as It should be.

“ Not that I spoke anything out of the way, I said what I have always said publicly, but we need to observe certain elementary courtesies and protocols”.

“ If I am having a meeting with somebody, and I don’t know that the conversation is being taped, I will find that what you are saying is not your honest expression, but speaking for some other ulterior purpose”.

The meeting was held to flesh out a number of options to have a conversation with the country and the unions on the matter of pension reforms.

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