GNC 4th Annual Christmas Toy Drive in SVG

For the fourth consecutive year, the GET NICE CREW, a group of Vincentians living predominantly in the United States of America journeyed to St. Vincent and the Grenadines to spread the Christmas cheer to the orphans housed at St. Benedicts Day Nursery in Georgetown, the children warded at the Pediatric Ward of the Kingstown General Hospital and the children of the community of Rose Place (Bottom Town), which is the birthplace of more than one of the founders of the GET NICE CREW.

The joy and surprise on the faces of each child were truly unforgettable, as Santa and his many elves distributed toys, candy bags full of mouthwatering candies and snacks. The group enjoyed interacting with the kids, the parents and staff of the three institutions.

For the members of the GET NICE CREW, this is what Christmas is all about. We see Christmas as an opportunity to share and give back to individuals and institutions.

In this regard, the GET NICE CREW wishes to sincerely thank the many individuals who in one way or the other contributed to its 4th Annual Christmas Toy Drive. As a result of your generosity and support, the GET NICE CREW was able to provide 150+ toys for the children.

In addition, via this medium, the GET NICE CREW wishes to thank Santa, Oscar Codougan and his many elves and by extension their family members for choosing to assist with the distribution of toys on Christmas Day.

Special thanks also to one of the founding members Steforn Llewellyn, who travelled to St. Vincent to ensure a smooth and efficient distribution.

The GET NICE CREW is already planning for its 5th Annual Toy Drive in 2018. We hope that with continued assistance, we would be able to make this mission bigger and better.

 On behalf of the GET NICE CREW, we wish the citizens of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and all Vincentians in the Diaspora peaceful and productive 2018.

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