Father Discovers Son's Body

Updated to include names and location
While law enforcement has not said much about the discovery of a body on Wednesday morning on the North East of the island, News784 has obtained more information on the find.
News784 has learnt that the young male whose body was discovered, has been identified as Imron James. The discovery of James’ body was made by his father, Anthony John, sometime after 9 am on Wednesday morning.
New information obtained by News784 also revealed that the body was discovered in an area called Bamboo Range, a spot used for the start of hikes to the La Soufriere volcano.
It was further revealed that the father discovered his son’s body already in a state of severe decomposition.
The gruesome find revealed that the man’s throat was cut and legs severely chopped, along with other chop wounds about the body.
James was said to be originally from the Lowmans Windward community, but had been living in Orange Hill for some time.
Imron James was in his early 30’s.

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