New Years Gift Of US 7 Million Dollars For LIAT

A loan of US 7 Million dollars was finalised for regional air carrier Liat in closing days of 2017. Prime Minister Gonsalves made the announcement at his first press conference for the year 2018.

Gonsalves said the loan was finalized by shareholder governments including, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados and SVG.

“You know we are doing a lot of reviews and consultations about Liat, the consultants were appointed, and I expected a report earlier to feed into the work of the task force, but some of the consultancies their appointments took a little longer than we had anticipated”.

Gonsalves said the money is divided as follows; 35 percent or 2.44 Million to Antigua and Barbuda, 53 percent of 3.72 Million to Barbados and 12 percent 840, 000 US dollars for St Vincent.

All monies Gonsalves said would go towards Liat in the various islands.

Gonsalves said on Friday there would be a meeting in SVG between the president of the Caribbean Development Bank, Liat management, himself as Chairman of shareholder Governments of Liat, and the consultants.

“I want from early this year to take the necessary steps so as to make the requisite reforms in Liat,” Gonsalves said.

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