Concession On Christmas Barrels Extended To January 15th

The deadline for a duty-free concession on barrels imported during the 2017 Christmas season has been extended.

The concession has been extended to January 15th, 2018, according to information received from the Office of the Prime Minister.

This concession programme began in December of 2001.A number of barrels to the island were delayed and did not arrive before the holiday season.

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves said he was advised by Tropical Shipping Lines that a large volume of barrels would have come after the Christmas holiday.

Tropical and other shipping lines had given priority to those countries affected by the hurricanes, Antigua, Puerto Rico, Dominica, BVI among them.

A call has also been made for persons who worked at the Campden Park as temporary workers to return for duty.

 Friday would have been the last day for temporary workers.

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