SDA Pastor Performed His 131st Wedding On 31st December 2017

Seventh Day Adventist Pastor Terrance Haynes performed his 131st marriage on the 31st of December 2017.

The wedding ceremony which took place at the Kingstown Seventh Day Church on old year’s day, saw two members of Good News Seventh Day Adventist Church joining hearts.

Haynes said he was proud to be performing such duties, and said he still believes marriage is sacred and is abound that could only be shared between a man and a woman.

He told the listening audience which comprised of family members and close friends, that the couple was very realistic about their friendship.

The pastor said during the counselling sessions he found out that the young man was a very sturdy and well focus individual, while the young woman was well organized, disciplined, and industrious.

Haynes said that the qualities that came out during the period of counselling made it clear that they were ready to take on the challenges that life would present as they go forward.

The Minister said he continues to urge persons who are planning to get married, that they should seek counselling which he sees as very vital.

He further stated that such sessions bring to light the grey areas. News784 wishes Mr and Mrs Harris the very best in their new journey.

Pastor Terrance Haynes Photo FB

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