The British Market Remains A Difficult One Says Beache

The British market remains a difficult one, so says Glen Beache Head of the SVG Tourism Authority.

Beache said that they continue to look at chartered flights out of the UK, but just to break even you would have to charge up to 1300 GBP on return flights.

“But we are still speaking to the mains one’s Virgin and British Airways”

British Airways is the largest airline in the United Kingdom based on fleet size, Virgin is UK’s second largest long-haul airline

He said there is a good possibility of a flight coming in next year once everything falls into place.

“ As I said out of the ABC countries, America, Britain and Canada, in the construction of the airport I believe subject to correction that the most monies raised from the diaspora came from  Vincentians in the UK”.

” So I really want to see something happen with flights out of England”.

Beache said they continue to work on it, even though England is a bit more difficult than Canada and the US.

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