SVG looking At Italian And French Markets

SVG is looking to receive visitors from other markets, however, to enter into new markets you must have at least a three-year plan, along with more resources.

So says Glen Beache Head of the SVG Tourism Authority

“ The New markets which we are looking at include Italy and France, which holds a lot of potential for us because of their sailing”.

Not only because of their sailing Beache said, but because much of their vacation time is within our off period.

“ So yes Qatar and those countries, anything is possible once we could get going, we would be out there”.

Beache said they had branded 60 taxi cabs in downtown Toronto and persons had asked why we did not do so with “Dollar Cabs” in Brooklyn.

“ Brooklyn is not my target audience, if we were to do something like that it would be in Manhattan”.

“ And when we market, the Dollar Cab thing comes with a certain connotation, am not even sure about the legality of it”.

Beache said it’s a matter of  SVG target audience and having a focus as to where they are.

“ As tourism continues to grow in terms of SVG and as more visitors continue to arrive, yes there would be more things done which are directed to the diaspora, but as of now the main focus is sailing, Yachting, Diving, Romance which includes weddings, and Adventure Tourism which includes Eco-Tourism”.

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