Cruise Visitors This Season Is 3 Times The Population Of SVG

St Vincent and the Grenadines received 89,000 cruise passengers in 2016, this year that number would grow to 320,000, a 300 percent jump.

This was disclosed by the CEO of the Tourism Authority Glen Beache, Beache told StarFm Morning Scoop that the figure is 3 times the population of SVG.

“ That’s just visitors from cruise arrivals, and for those who keep on saying its because of the hurricanes that affected the islands, No, we only received four new calls due to that situation”.

“ It was going to be a bumper season whether or not the hurricanes had affected the islands”.

In terms of international flights to the island, Beache noted that SVG would be welcoming its first regularly scheduled flight with the arrival of Air Canada Rouge on the 14th of December.

“ Just to let people know that the flight is full coming in and fully booked going out”.

This is huge for SVG Beache said, “ on Saturday Sunwing would be back in with a full flight”.

“ Air Canada Rouge carries a total of about 180, while Sunwing holds about 180 passengers as well”.

Beache noted that two pieces of TSA equipment have been added and even with TSA approval they must send on documentation to the Department of Transportation, and as soon as this approval comes through they will make an announcement on any airlines that will be coming in from JFK.

“ So what we are awaiting at this moment is the approval from the Department Of Transportation”.

Beache without naming the airline said they had actually hoped to start flights on December 13th but had to move it to December 20th, however, no approval was given by DOT, but that the airline has its own lawyers working on it in the United States also”.

“ As I said in the town hall meeting in New York, we have done a lot like in Toronto, we had a call to action Canada and that call to action was Air Canada Rogue and whenever any airline makes their announcements in the US, the call to action would take place there”.

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