Prison Service To Hold Week Of Activities

In an effort to showcase to the public the work that is been done to reform offenders passing through the Prison Service, we will be holding our annual Week of Activities under the theme “Rehabilitation for Reintegration” which commences on 10th and ends on 17th December, 2017.

The week opens with two Church Services; one on the compound of Her Majesty’s Prisons in Kingstown and the other at the Belle Isle Correctional Facility. The acknowledgement of God is a central part of our Rehabilitative programs.

To highlight talent and to give Offenders the opportunity to express themselves on issues affecting them and the society at large a public speaking competition will be held on Monday 11th on the compound of Her Majesty’s Prisons to be broadcast live on radio and the internet.

On Tuesday 12th the Offenders will be engaged in the finals of the different sporting discipline. The aim is to build teamwork, increase confidence and to reduce tension and violence among them.

On Wednesday 13th there will be a day for the family. This is where family members, relatives and friends of Offenders can visit them and share a meal and have a light moment in a family setting. The aim is for their family to impact them positively and help them to realize the importance of the family.

We also will be focusing on our staff whose responsibility it is to successfully run the rehabilitative programs so on Thursday 14th we will have a mix and mingle and award ceremony. This is where past and current staff will meet to share experiences and learnt lessons and to recognize and award officers.  The aim here is to build camaraderie among our staff and plan for the coming year.

On Friday 15th there will be an exhibition to showcase the products made by the Offenders under tents such as bed, grills, coal pot, clothes, paintings and much more.

The grand finale is our concert on Sunday 17th. The concert will start at 2.30pm displaying talent in singing, drama, dance and much more.

Inmates will debate two prepared topic namely; “should the business community partner with the prisons Authority in the rehabilitation of Offenders” and “should Society give Offenders a second chance” for five minutes each and one impromptu for two minutes.

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