Official Opening of Cumberland Bridge, February 2018

The new Cumberland Bridge which was constructed at a cost of 13.5 million E.C dollars will be officially open in February 2018.

Funded by the Mexican government, the bridge would be the longest spanning bridge on the island.

Prime Minister Gonsalves speaking on the radio last week said, that Mexican officials have already been notified, however, they would not be available until early next year due to the Christmas season.

There will be a walkway for pedestrians along with a strong concrete railing for their protection, alongside a dual carriageway for motorised traffic.

According to the engineers, the foundations of the pillars on either bank reaches down to a depth of 200 feet.

The new bridge is much wider and higher than its predecessor, and an intensive armouring of the river banks for hundreds of yards on either side was carried out.

Gonsalves stated that the temporary Bailey bridge which was being used will be dismantled and half taken to replace one of two bridges which were damaged in the recent rains in North Leeward.

The bridge is being constructed to withstand many times the force of the water as was experienced during the passage of the December 2013 floods.

The Cumberland Bridge is 82 ft long and was constructed by Trinidad Contractors Ltd through UNOPS (UN Office for Project Services).

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